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New Business electricity meter installation

Unless you have a smart meter, or a half hourly electricity meter, then the only way to make sure your business is billed accurately is to regularly check and submit meter readings to your energy supplier.

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If you don’t provide monthly readings, or at least send quarterly updates, your supplier will base your bills upon an estimate, which means you can easily end up underpaying or overpaying for your gas and electricity.

And because your energy supplier only has a legal obligation to check your meter once every two years, if you’re not paying the right amount for the energy your business is using, you could quickly find yourself significantly out of pocket.

If you get into debt with your supplier, you’ll have to pay back any money you owe before you can switch, which could mean you end up paying more again if you’re stuck on an expensive rate. If you’ve been overpaying then you’ll have the hassle of claiming the money back from your supplier.

You might even find that your electricity meter is taking inaccurate readings, in which case you’ll need to get a new one installed.

How to get a new business electricity meter installed

To get started, there are a few things you need to identify about your property and the energy needs of your business. Most of this information should be available from your landlord, local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) or the National Grid.

Have you got a Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN)?

To get an electricity meter fitted you'll need an MPAN, which is also known as a Supply Number.

It may be the case that your premises already has an MPAN, which your landlord or local DNO should be able to tell you. But if you haven't got an MPAN, and haven't received any connection paperwork that includes one, you can request an MPAN from the DNO.

When do you need a new meter?

It's recommended that you start looking for an electricity deal – and request the installation of a new meter – around one month before you need your supply to be fitted.

We can do this for you (see below for contact details). Once we've arranged a supply agreement for your business, the meter will typically be fitted within 10 to 15 working days.

What type of tariff will your business need?

Depending on the days and times at which your business is going to use most energy, you might benefit from a tariff that enables you to pay less for the electricity you consume between certain hours.

This is something our energy experts can help determine when arranging a new business electricity deal – give us a call on 0800 088 6986, or leave a few details in the box at the top of the page to request a call back.

What will the KVA of your supply be?

Your meter will have a defined Available Supply Capacity that details the amount of electricity you're able to draw from the grid at any one point. This is measured in Kilo Volt Amperes (KVA), and should be laid out in the connection agreement that's drawn up when we're in the process of arranging your meter installation.

If your Available Supply Capacity is above 70KVA, it's likely that you'll need a more advanced energy meter that automatically sends real-time usage data to your supplier every half hour – either way, we'll be able to ensure you're getting a meter that's right for your needs.

To get a new electricity meter for your business – or to have an existing one reconnected – speak to one of our experts on 0800 088 6986. We'll arrange the installation of your new meter and ensure you're getting a fair deal for your electricity.

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