Business Gas

Compare Business Gas Suppliers

Whether you use it mainly in the winter to keep your staff and customers warm, to wash your dishes or power your stoves, gas can make up a significant portion of your business’s outgoings each month. What’s more, it’s all too easy to end up paying more than you should for your company’s gas needs just by failing to properly be aware of the details of your gas contract and what else is available on the market.

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The best way to save your business money on its gas bills is to take a look at your energy contract, know when it is coming to an end, compare different gas quotes and switch tariffs or suppliers once you find a better deal.

Why switch business gas suppliers?

The most compelling argument for switching your business gas supplier is that it could save your company money that could be put to better use elsewhere growing your business.

How much you could save will depend on the business gas deal that your company is currently on. If your business has fallen into deemed, rollover or out of contract rates, then simply switching business gas suppliers and deals could make you substantial savings. Even if you’re currently on a fixed-rate tariff, it really pays to shop around as the business gas market is a highly competitive area and suppliers are always trying to attract new customers by bettering each other’s deals

As well as finding a deal that allows your company to pay less for its business gas, switching suppliers may help you to find a contract that gives you better service than you were previously getting. And if you’re interested in making the commendable move to renewable energy, switching to a green provider will give your business a cleaner, more sustainable identity.

How to get the best business gas prices

To get your business the best gas deal possible, you’ll need to first be aware of your current contract’s expiry date and renewal window. The renewal window typically occurs around six months before the expiry of your contract and it’s during this period that you’ll be allowed to change your deal. Once it comes up, your current supplier will send you a renewal offer but be aware: these deals are rarely the most competitive and you’ll usually stand to save your business a lot more money by shopping around.

When your renewal window comes up you’ll need to contact a range of different business gas suppliers and request bespoke quotes from each. Business gas (and electricity) quotes are drawn up on a tailor-made basis for each company to reflect the fact that every business has vastly varying gas needs. Factors such as business location, size, consumption patterns and contract length will all affect your price.

Unlike the domestic energy market, negotiation plays an important part in deciding your business gas price so don’t be afraid to push for a great deal.

How to compare business gas suppliers

There are two main cost that together make the biggest difference to what you pay for your business gas and are the most important to look at when comparing quotes from different suppliers: the unit cost and the standing charge.

The unit cost is the amount that you’ll pay for each unit (kWh) of energy that your business uses, while the standing charge is a daily amount that covers the cost of maintaining the national grid and transporting energy directly to your business.

When comparing business gas quotes, it’ll be tempting to simply go for the supplier that offers you the cheapest unit cost and standing charge, but it’s important not to forget about service and aftercare to ensure you have a reliable supply throughout your contract.

Comparing and switching business gas suppliers is a positive move for your company, but it can take time along with a bit of brain power and perseverance. MoneySuperMarket has teamed up with Bionic to take the hassle out of the whole process so you can concentrate on what matters the most, running your company. With just a short phone call to gather some information about your company’s gas needs, Bionic's business energy experts will negotiate the most competitive gas rates from a panel of trusted suppliers.

To save you time, it can be useful to have the following information in front of you when you call:

  • A recent bill
  • Your company's registration details
  • The end date of your current contract
  • Your MPAN or MPRN numbers

Bionic's tech-enabled experts will advise you on what looks like the best deal for your needs and once you’ve got a supplier that you love, they’ll arrange the transfer to ensure there’s no disruption to your supply.

Call Bionic today on 0800 088 6986 to hear more about how they can help you save money on your business gas deal by comparing suppliers.