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New business gas meter installation

Making sure your energy supplier knows how much gas your business uses every month can be a real chore. Ideally, you should give them a reading at least every month

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Do I need a new business gas meter?

If you run a business, you may want to consider installing a new gas meter at work. They can help you:

  • Reduce your energy bill: New gas meters make it easier to monitor your energy usage throughout the day, so you can work out where to cut down. The exact savings will depend on the size and nature of your company, but a new gas meter can help you be smarter about your energy usage.
  • Avoid energy bill hassles: A more precise rundown of your energy usage can also help suppliers bill you for your energy more accurately. Many of today’s meters automatically send your usage figures direct to the supplier.

Without regular updates they’ll base your bill on an estimate of your usage, and they’re legally only required to check your meter every two years. As a result they may end up over- or undercharging you:

  • If you’re overcharged for energy you’ll be able to claim the money back, but it can sometimes be a long process
  • If you’re undercharged you’ll end up indebted to the energy supplier, and won’t be able to switch to a new tariff until you’ve paid the balance off. This can be an issue if you’re already on an expensive tariff

Reduce your carbon footprint: Aside from keeping your energy costs down, a new gas meter can also help you reduce your business’s impact on the environment. When you take steps to reduce your usage, you’re doing your bit for a greener planet, which can also improve your business’s public image.

How to get a new business gas meter installed

If you’re looking to install a new gas meter in your business premises, you should consider the following:

What is your property's meter point reference number (MPR/MPRN)?

If your premises already has an MPRN, you'll be able to find it on any paperwork the National Grid has sent you regarding your connection.

If you do have a meter but you're not sure whether it's currently connected – and you haven't received any communications from the National Grid – then you can call XOSERVE on 0870 608 1524 to ask for your MPRN. You can also visit Find My Supplier and input the necessary information.

For businesses which do not have meters and haven't been sent an MPRN, you'll need to contact the National Grid to ask for an MPRN to be created for your property.

Does the property have an existing supply?

Businesses in properties that do have a meter will need to contact the National Grid to check whether or not the meter has been disconnected. It’s also worth asking if the existing meter is going to be capable of meeting your supply needs.

It typically takes the National Grid 15 working days to complete its checks.

What date do you need your business gas meter fitted?

Arranging the installation of a gas meter tends to be quicker than getting a new electricity meter. Once you've agreed a gas contract, a supplier will usually install your meter within five working days.

With this in mind, we recommend contacting us as least two weeks before you need your new meter fitted (see below for contact details). This gives us to time secure a fair rate and arrange the installation.

What are your maximum gas requirements?

Every business that uses gas will have a maximum requirement, which is the total amount of gas its appliances could use in an hour.

You can get a CORGI-registered engineer to check your appliances to determine your maximum requirement, or ask the National Grid to tell you what it's likely to be.

Where will your meter be fitted?

Depending on your premises and the positioning of the gas supply, your meter could be fitted either internally or externally.

For buildings with gas pipes that don’t enter the property, the meter will have to be outside, in which case your supplier will most likely provide a box or shelter for the meter.

Do you know the service pressure of your gas supply?

The pipework installer will be able to let you know what your service pressure will be. Typically it's ‘low’ or ‘medium’ – although in some instances it can be ‘high’, in which case your meter may be more expensive to install.

However, it's useful to note that the service pressure will not affect the prices you pay for the gas that's provided by your supplier.

To get a new business gas meter installed – or an old one reconnected – speak to one of our energy experts on #CAMPAIGNBUSINESSSERVICENUMBER#. We'll search the market to find a fair deal for your business's gas and arrange the setup of your new meter – all you have to do is ask.