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Compare Business Electricity Suppliers

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Businesses rely on electricity for everything from powering a printer and lighting a workspace to running industrial machinery. It doesn’t matter how big your business is - it’s essential to be on the best business electricity deal to make sure you’re not paying any more than you need to.

Why switch business electricity suppliers?

Chances are, your business uses a lot of electricity to keep running day to day. That’s why it’s so important to shop around for the best deal on your business energy - it’s a quick and simple way to cut your business’s overheads, and keep on top of your monthly outgoings.

The savings you can expect to make depend on the size of your business. It’s impossible to say exactly how much you could save because all quotes for business energy are bespoke, and tailored to each individual business, but as your energy costs are likely to be one of your biggest outgoings, it makes sense to run a comparison to check you’re on the best deal for you.

How to get the best business electricity prices

Before you start comparing business energy deals, it’s important to make sure you know about what makes up your bill. The two main charges to pay attention to are:

  • Daily standing charge: this covers the cost your supplier has to pay in order to physically transport gas and electricity to your premises, as well as the maintenance of the national grid
  • Unit rate: this is the amount you pay for each unit (kWh) of energy your business uses

The amount you pay will depend on the terms of your contract, and it can be influenced by things like the size and location of your business. This table should give you an idea of the average amount you can expect to pay for your business electricity:

Business size Average annual usage (kWh) Average price (per kWh) Standing charge (daily) Average annual price
Micro business 5,000 - 15,000 14.4p - 15.9p 23p - 29p £900 - £2,244
Small business 15,000 - 25,000 14.3p - 15.1p 23p - 28p £2,367 - £3,660
Medium business 25,000 - 50,000 14.3p - 14.7p 23p - 27p £3,774 - £7,234

Whilst it’s tempting to go for the cheapest prices, it’s also important to make sure you choose a reliable supplier with good customer service, otherwise you could have problems with your supply further down the line which end up costing you more overall.

How to compare business electricity suppliers

We make it easy and straightforward to compare business electricity suppliers. Just give us a call on 0800 08 6986 and we’ll talk through your business’s energy needs so we can find you the most competitive deals available. Then, we’ll help you choose the deal that best suits your business.

Before you pick up the phone, make sure you’ve got the following information to hand:

  • a recent electricity bill
  • your business’s registration details
  • the date your current contract comes to an end
  • your MPAN or MPRN numbers

Then we’ll take care of the hard work for you.